Let’s assume that you are reading this article as someone whom knows how to play Texas Hold’em, that you are a person who is somewhat knowledgeable about this game and you desire to know more about it. First, let me tell you that the poker room in your home has Texas Hold’em on offer, that you have successfully memorized the rules; if this is the case, I suggest you quit reading this article – you have boring stuff to do. Rather than spending money on poker books or poker software, why not spend a dollar on a poker guide?

Poker is a growing card game offered in many Websites and you may have discovered some poker guides online. You may say to yourself a lot of this gambling stuff seems a little silly, I know I sound like a broken record on some of these poker rules, but you can’t afford to just read one poker guide and figure out how to play poker. You need to find some of these poker guides online and read a little. You could also ask your friends who are into playing poker online, or find a poker room in your neighborhood with poker – if you really think it will help you improve your game, then go ahead and buy the book.

Once you have printed out the poker guide you have used to unequip your tasks in learning how to play poker, transfer it to your computer and open it up. There you have several hand poker rules you can refer to as you play poker. Further documentation on how to play poker can also be found on the poker status site – this site lists several hand poker rules you can use while playing. Below are some of the hand poker rules as they appear on one of the sites:

  1. 52 … with 2 zeros: this is called the American Poker hand, and means that both cards are lower case cards, 2-52.
  2. Best 2-7 hand: the best hand if you are a poker player is 2-7 and everything else is regarded as garbage. Examples: 2-7-Q-2-8.
  3. Low hand: the hand is not that strong, and does not meet the criteria of the best hand.
  4. Together with the cards: This hand is called “the low,” because it is a pair. Examples: Q-10-J-Q-J.
  5. To qualify for the hand known as the Flush, the cards must be in sequence, and all three cards must be the same suit. The example below is a hand that would not be considered very strong, and could in fact be discarded: 2-3-4-5-6. If you tried to look up 2-3-4-5-6 on the poker board, the first card you would find would be A-2. That would be the weakest hand possible.
  6. Straight. This hand consists of five cards that run in sequence with each other. You would not want to do the Straight in just the same sequence as 2-3-4-5-6. Rather you want two sets of cards to run in sequence with each other. The two sets of cards would be the Ace-Set and the King-Set. These four sets are the most common.
  7. Three of a Kind. This hand consists of three cards of the same number or face card. Again, if you used the Ace as the “face” card of the hand, you would want two Aces. The other two cards of the hand are not important.
  8. Two Pair. This hand consists of two separate pairs of cards.
  9. One Pair. This hand consists of two cards of the same number or face card.
  10. High Card. This hand is the strongest hand you can get in poker, and can consist of any combination of the cards known as the “high cards.”

These are all of the basic poker hands to beat Texas Hold’em. It is by this time you should know what to do with any hand, as well as being able to evaluate whether you will continue to play a hand or not. When you are ready to play poker, you should begin to look for a table or even find a free bola88 game online and practice there. Soon enough you will be playing like a professional.