Online games are not merely entertainment; they can also serve as a means of earning cash. This was the realization of a gambler in an online casino. The player decided to test his luck in a card game, and to do so he decided to play cards. The game was Deuces Wild, and the stage was a river. The gambler drew and Ace, and the dealer drew a King card. Afterwards, the gambler thought fast and called out ‘ Nine!’. The dealer, not having any idea what the gambler had done (or did not do) reached for his cards and couldn’t quite figure out what the river card should be, so he too drew and drew. ‘Nine indeed!’, the gambler thought. But shock overcame him and he realized he had not, in fact, made a better hand. He was beaten almost to death. He was certain that he would be better off dead. Yet he drew out to see if he could improve his hand, and sure enough the card rolled over the river from the top of the deck to the river… Deuces Wild.

As you can imagine, this is not a very common lottery win. Only 8% of the time in the US, if played correctly, a player can improve his chances of winning to 79% or 8 out of 10. (you can improve your odds of winning further by increasing your number of tickets, or buying more tickets, or whatever gets you to the winning 99.5% point).

How rare is that? In the history of the North American Lotteries, in the history of the existence of the game, the number has only been around in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rare, but not unheard of.

The reason that the North American Lotteries have such a high payout is that, unlike lotteries at the national level, in the presence of the North American Lottery Players Club, they maintain very good participation rates. Around 70% of the lottery dollars in the US contribute to state and federal funding. The top lottery draws in the US are the Powerball and Mega Millions, with the Mega Millions averaging near $1 Billion every year.

As I write this article, on the evening of March 12th, 2011, the evening drawing of the North American Lottery was held. The North American Lottery Players Club had more than 55,000 members. This was an exciting evening as the Club enjoyed its LIMA (Dewavegas) night. Limousine sales were good, but limousine traffic was even better.

Usually, the Foundation offers around $250,000 in prizes. Throughout the evening, the evening was typified by smoke and flames, dancing fountains, flourished banners, and wheeling light show. Ceramics were sold, food was sold, theater shows were performed. It was a super extravagant night for those who were in the mood to party. Hotel guests were decked out in ridiculous disguises.

This event was also meant to raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief, but the night was ruined when it was revealed that the Superzes were not being paid out. Due to the fact that most winners are SecretTour protectors, the Superstakes were left alone.

With that $250,000 payday though, the city of New Orleans couldn’t have asked for more. Perhaps Katrina relief should be such a common theme…

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