While poker has always been one of the most beloved card games on the planet, the skyrocketing popularity of “Texas Hold ’em” and Lady Gaga’s hit single “Poker Face” prove that poker is back in a big way! Whether you operate a casino, a poker room or just a friendly home game with your friends, you may want to cheapen your supplies to stay in-line with the current moods of the market. Here, we’ll lay out a few good Tips on how to accomplish this without going broke.

Sell Cheap Poker Supplies and Get Rich

The middle of the market in cheap poker supplies is where you can get rich. If you can raise the capital at the right time, you can quit your day job and become a professional investor. Many people can’t make the jump, however. If you lay out a few simple rules for yourself when buying supplies, you can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Supply, Supplies, and More Supplies

The demand for poker supplies has exploded in the last few years. Now that the big casinos are bringing in more poker action than ever before, you can get into the game for less than the cost of a good dinner or a mediocre cup of coffee. Do a simple internet search and you’ll find that many retailers are discounting obvious essentials like card protectors, cards, dice, and the like. They’re selling everything but the kitchen sink!

If you want to get really cheap, however, you can find those same items on the internet used. Many companies offer discounted prices on their products. You can find those with shipping costs as low as $2.99! That’s a lot less than a dinner and a movie! What’s the difference between a used game and a new game? The previous sale may have limited availability, but the internet allows you to find the same exact thing on clearance.

Playing Cheap Poker Supplies to Win Big

Poker isn’t the only game that you can cheapen in order to win big. You can spend a little money to gain an advantage over your opponents. Many people are so delighted with the advances of poker online that they make the jump right in from playing at home to playing for high stakes. What does it mean to “up the ante” beyond cards? Well, in jayapoker and many other games the object is to beat your opponent. Now, if you can play your cards and your opponents, you will have a virtually impossible time making this step across the finish line. However, if you can play your cards and do a little bit better, you will be halfway there.

Sacrifices, but you will win big pots. You can play lower quality cards, so you can win big pots. You can play your opponent less, thereby taking away more blinds and maybe even half of their stack. You can even take away all of the blinds and force a hand bet thereby winning the pot pre-flop, or half if you have a good hand. However, You must remember that while you’re doing all of these below, you’re paying a dealer to deal, so you’re not getting a true price for your effort.

If you’re still reading, and you think you’re ready to try this strategy before you’re throwing money away, then you can start by playing in low limit games. You’ll still be able to lose quite a bit of money, perhaps only a few units or so, but you’ll have enough to set you for much bigger fights down the line if you’re lucky enough to start with a big hand. You can even the odds up a bit more in your favor by tightening up your starting requirements.

Tactics for Starting Hands

While you will always be required to play some hands for free, and even “fun” hands after a bit of a wait, it’s not really important that you need to stick to playing only premium hands for the rest of the book. You can let yourself overlook the first few rounds of betting if you don’t have a decent starting hand, and call the blinds with speculative hands from the button if you have to, to get a read on your opponents’ hands, but you should really only be playing when you have a premium hand to do so.

From the button, you should be raising most hands, especially the hands you like to play. You should try to get value for your hands in many situations, and you should make your position known on the flop. If you have a drawing hand, you should be anxious to catch a good hand on the flop. If you think you have top pair on the flop, you are generally correct to play it, unless there is a major red flag on the board that might indicate something about the strength of your hand.