It’s a common scenario in low limit poker: you’re in one of the blinds, and everyone folds until a player with a big stack re-raises you, and then you have to make a decision. Most of the time you’ll probably end up in a coin-flip situation, with possibly a marginal nut draw on the flop, so I advise staying in most of the time.

Why defend the blinds with bad cards?

Because generally, if you’re in a blind and you have a hand suitable for a steal, you’ll get some action. A hand like suited connectors is subject to sudden twists. situs slot gacor Suddenly you’ll have a case of being too entwined in a hand, and being unable to let go. This can affect you decision regarding whether to proceed in the hand-you can’t exactly make the sting of a big raise if it will cost you your blinds.

When you defend the blinds, by contrast, you’re in an arguably stronger position. You already have a hand, and can avoid the possibility of an opponent hitting a big hand, which against other big stacks, is probably enough to justify the cost of protection.

What to do instead when you’re in the blinds?-call, of course.

Do anything. Let your opponents battle each other. Re-raise them. Play passively on the ASAP, and call the big blind when it’s reasonable.

Most of the time you won’t need to do this, because your opponents will be hitting the flop, raising with their weak hands, and defending their blinds. When you sense this, make a pre-flop raise. Of course, you don’t have to make a raise-you can just call, and if you get called, you only lose a small amount of money. But when you sense aggression on the flop, you need to do anything to steal the blinds.

Call the raise, and make the c-bet. When your opponent bets and you call, you have given him an excuse to try and steal the blinds. If you’re in the blinds, and no one has raised, you can let him bet here. If someone re-raises, you just get out of the hand, and take the chance at being the first to act once again.

(This technique will become very incorrect, as your opponents will not let you re-raise every time you defend the blinds. It’s enough to bet once, and lay down a hand like Saloon, and then stop and come back to attack the blinds again. It’s enough to win money in the long run, rather than lose money. Plus, when you do get re-raised, you can always get out and not really pay much attention to it until you’re on the button, and then you can re-raise back with the same hand. It’s all pretty simple to do.)

orbit the blinds around the table, checking when you can no longer play with the minimum amount of bets. It’s fine to make a continuation bet when you hit the flush, but you shouldn’t be doing it much more than that.

When you’re making a bet and pick up some of the blinds along the way, you should bet the exact same amount as the blinds you picked up. Only double the blinds when you have a great hand, like trips or two pairs. Double the blinds again if you have medium ones, like middle pair. And again if you pick up an extrabackup, you should bet the exact same as the blinds.

This is an extremely simple strategy, but extremely effective. It will help you?, and you’ll be amazed at how many players will tell you to do this. They seem to think that the more they talk about being aggressive, the more everyone should be aggressive, but that’s not true. Listening to advice becomes a habit, and it’s hard to break that habit later. But always consider that the other persons are doing this as well. You don’t want to be the guy that everyone looks at and says “Gee, you’re too aggressive.” You want to be the guy that stresses the fact that everyone is looking at you to make serious money.

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