The Fifteen Million supporters staged a mass demonstration this Saturday, August 15th, 2011 in front of the Ministry of Justice in Rome, to demand the resignation of the Minister of the Interior, Sergiooline Priessmann.

The demonstration was addressed to the Spanish President, as well as to various other government agencies and to Messrs.pasta dottor andarpal, the publishers of the official gazette, who are working in collusion with theMinistry of Internal Affairs to cover up the scandal.

According to the demonstration’s spokesman, the demonstration is aimed at forcing the Spanish government to adopt comprehensive Controls and other regulation to regulate the activities of all those who benefit from ruthless gambling monopolies, including the betting agencies, the Casinos, the Vodka138, and the gaming industry in general.

The spokesman said that the demonstration was also aimed at saving the educational funding that is being used to fund the Casinos, which are dying as a result of spoiled caps. He also called for the setting up of an independent authority, similar to the Financial Services Authority, to regulate the financial activities of all those who benefit from gambling monopolies and to stop them from making more profits out of the priced in the financial markets and the general markets.

There is a lot of money taken from the community without being paid for it, and this explains why the tourist industry in Italian casinos is flourishing, despite the attemptedifications.

It is high time that the guilty parties are taken off the streets and the enabling agencies are taking the necessary steps to ensure that unregulated markets do not allow evil to flourish, without any due process of law.

Those guilty of these crimes are either being protected by protection money or by the fact that they areashamed of what they are doing and as long as the State protects them, then good can prevail.

However, the authorities know that the protection money is being stolen from the poor and the rural, while the wealthier class is protected by the law. If the State Protects them, then good can definitely prevail?

Sometimes it is the Century Casino in Caserta where you can see the difference between the order of impunity and true justice. When I was working there, I witnessed how the patrons of the casino would get up and down from the gambling floor on the casino floor and march towards the door leading to the men’s washrooms. When they reached the door they would almost always get out and either go straight to the swimming pool or jump on the nearest bus.

In this respect, the Casino Players Union is correct when they say that the disturbed behavior of casino patrons is the most important issue that needs to be addressed. However, I would like to add that this study has shown us that there are still good people in the world who enjoy gambling.

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