All over the internet there are sports betting systems for sale. Most of them are sold on promises of unbelievable results, which they always fail to provide. Those scam systems have left a bad taste in most sports bettors mouths that prevent them from considering other systems.

The truth is, most betting systems purchased online are just the same as those sold to you at a price of 50 dollars on the internet. They are all basically the same and are just out there to make a quick buck. The different difference is the marketing and presentation.

Most expert sport bettors will tell you that you need a sports betting system that makes mahjong style plays and not card games or football type plays. They tend to forget that baseball, basketball and football betting require a different skill set and a different system.

Another point to consider is that there are many available types of bets such as head to head, moneyline, over under, parlays and many others. Any system that is not well rounded should be avoided. A well rounded system would allow the bettor to go on a hot run and earn a sizable profit.

Some system may not consider Washington or Seattle as a big underdog. This puts them at a disadvantage and might affect the betting as it looks like the opposing team has a better chance to win the game.

The biggest problem with any system is that it does not take into account player dewalive, team familiarity, coaching and playing surfaces. A system that considered these factors would have a big advantage over those that do not.

Because of the number of teams involved and the fact that teams play slowly, long distance travel is part of the season. This would disadvantage a system that is based on a differing number of games per week.

Coaches, players and general managers get tired and make errors in judgement. These errors could be the difference between a winning and losing season. Betting systems take into account the probability of all the possibilities.

An example of a good system is Washington at Seattle. The oddmakers have the Redskins at -1.5 points on the money line and the Seattle Seahawks at +1.5 points on the money line. What this means is if you bet $100 on Washington, you will win $150 and lose $100. If you bet the extra $50 on Seattle, you will win $300 and lose $50. The system in this scenario is +150 favorites = +100 to -150 payout. As you can see, in the long run, the system will always favor the person that makes the right judgement calls.

A sports betting system that is not well rounded will lead to some costly mistakes. System review websites that go hand in hand with online sports books should be avoided. Anyone can post up a positive number on one sportsbook but very few have the know how to play the whole system.

Those that are trying to make a quick buck and don’t use the system and follow their instincts are the ones going down the drain. There are a lot of scammers on the internet trying to bawby your hard earned money.

If you want to make some extra money or maybe even make a living betting professional football games on Sundays, the only thing you need to do is to follow some simple rules and stay patient. Consider the skill level of the players each week and decide if the bet will fit your budget. Like the old saying goes, if you put money into a burned barrel it will only end up as waste.

Another football betting system that will help you to make money week after week is a progression strategy. This is one of the best ways to control your finances and have full control over your bank account.