Why has poker become so popular? What did the major peniests all gain in their later years? What made not only blacks and yellows but also the rich and famous, alike, want to play poker so much?

First of all, let’s start with why it’s popular. Starting with the usual explanation, of course.

  1. Because it’s easy money. Let’s face it, in today’s hopeless economy, money is hard to come by. A percentage of one’s earnings is, by now, counted as their future income, so why not play poker? Although one can make a decent living via internet marketing, there are still expenses like membership fees, and other Sources of Income to fund one’s poker career. Poker is, apparently, the fastest growing casino game in the world.
  2. Because it’s fun. Alright, I know that some people claim poker is not fun, and that the game should be played only for money, because according to them, gambling is pure greed. I strongly suggest you don’t listen to those kinds of people. Poker is a game of skill. Games like Blackjack, Craps, Slot machines are not.
  3. Because… it’s complex. The game is full of variant rules and strategies. “What’s that Lady to do?” is the question many keep asking about the game. But Lady doesn’t wait for that. She comes rushing at you, anyway. You’ve been bet into a hand, and though you don’t quite know how to bet, you know instinctively where you should put your money. Why? Because that’s the way you were taught, at least in the traditional sense of the word. Practice makes perfect. If you try to play poker today, you’ll probably lose more money than you win. Even if you try hard, you won’t be able to bet correctly. Today’s poker machines are programmed to reward you with more money for having the wrong guess.
  4. Because… it’s complicated. Sure, the game is easy to learn and that’s why kids like to play it. But the more you learn, the more you spend, and the more you’re willing to lose, the more skill you have. It’s kind of like knowing how to count to 2, or how to play craps. You can count to 2, but if you try to count to 5, or 7, you’ll get confused, and end up losing, not winning.
  5. Because… it’s dangerous. The game of poker has been around for so many years. More than a few poker players have been swallow to gambling, and that’s why some danger seems to be attached to the game. In addition, modern poker games, especially online poker games, seem to have become wilder, and harder to control, raising the possibility of more losses.
  6. Because… it’s suspicious. When you play poker in a mega88, or in a home game, you can see what the other players are doing. You can see what cards are on the table, and how the other players are betting. In poker, you can’t see what you’re holding, or what your opponents are holding. On top of that, there’s the disadvantage of being at a casino, where you have to tip the dealer. At home, you don’t have to tip the dealer. This makes poker play more expensive, as a result.
  7. Because… it’s rigged. This widely quoted statement contains a lot of truth. When playing online, it’s easy to win because the computer will often match your cards. This means casinos don’t need to match your cards, so you can win with the best hand any time. In addition, you can win online, because you’re playing against the computer, which is always a smart thing to do. Don’t let the computer determine your fate so often.
  8. Because… it’s real. Unlike poker, people can rebound from a bad beat. If you’re a really good player, you can win even if the other person kick it in with aces from the ninth hole. You can also get really good at poker and not lose nothing if you’re really good.
  9. Because… it’s televised. Yes, television is mainly reported that the poker professionals are earning more than the NBA’s regular season players. Why? Because they’re playing for a living and aren’t taking the kind of risks you’d see in the NBA, College Basketball, or NFL.
  10. Because… it’s syndicated. The biggest poker tournament in the world is played twice a year, and another big poker event is played approximately once a month. Thesefake casino sitesspread the word about their site by word of mouth.